MogsnDogs was originally set up to bring awareness to all the black and black and white cats and dogs that are often overlooked in rescue, hence why our branding is in black and white. We do not limit our support to just owners of this colour and are here to help any cat or dog owner that requires assistance, including non-registered Bengal cats in collaboration with the Bengal Cat Association.

MogsnDogs is a Community Interest Company and have an online community and a supportive space for cat and dog owners, who have found themselves in difficult times looking after their pets and are needing support and guidance. We have worked in animal welfare over 20 years and our values and beliefs lay in a non-judgemental mindset for pets and their owners.

We feel that by keeping our services restricted to online only, we don’t have huge overheads and resources to pay like the bigger animal welfare charities, like housing/building costs, utilities, staffing and vehicle/transportation costs. Therefore, a higher percentage of our donations are then used to support our community.

Within our MogsnDogs Community Facebook group, we will be having real and open conversations about advice, support and education for owners and owners to be. We will be sharing guidance, personal tips and real-life stories of what we’ve dealt with over the years and how everyone can join in to help. All we ask is that you’re interactive, kind and non-judgemental within the group and invite as many people as possible you also think would benefit from joining.

We are passionate about animal welfare and have realised that this is where our hearts belong and want to support and prevent, rather than treat the cause.

J & G